Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Beautiful Morning

Friday evening was too dreary to take pictures of the 
ragged catalpa tree about a block from where I live.
It's used as a shade tree in the South, where it provides good
cover because of its broad leaves. It also hosts 
a worm that is peculiar to the tree, which is good for nothing
but fish bait. The leaves get eaten, but the tree
readily produces more. It certainly looks the worst
for worm wear now; the remaining leaves are
ragged and the 12-inch seed pods add
to the tree's spooky appearance.


dive said...

I love catalpas. The species we get here is the Indian Bean Tree: catalpa bignonioides, which has the benefit - apart from being a beautiful tree - of having a Latin name that's hilarious to say when drunk.

Lovely photos, Speedway.

Anonymous said...

nice shots