Saturday, October 13, 2012

"The Wave" on West 16th Street

This is the west side of the new Neuroscience Center at IU Health, 
located across the street from Methodist Hospital. 
I've been watching the progress of this construction since 
early last year, when I noticed a curve was being fabricated into
the building's I-beam skeleton.

Now that the building is completed, it seems the efforts to make it 
attractive are for naught. A highway overpass is just across the street from 
the west end and the trestle for the hospital's overhead tram
passes on the east. There isn't really a clear shot where one 
can step back to just look at the building. Even the design of the
facade faces a parking garage just across the street. 

It's as though a woman has gotten up each morning, bathed, 
styled her hair, put on her nicest outfit and best perfume,
only to go to work with a bunch of non-breeding men;
she does it for herself. Alone.


dive said...

Just because it's hidden from view doesn't mean it can't be beautiful, Speedway. One of the things I love most about being an Architect is sneaking in little pieces of beautiful design where they are least expected; that's where they are likely to be most appreciated.
The waves built in to the brise soleil on the side elevation of your building only cost a tiny fraction more than using straight members, but they will catch the eye of passers-by and surprise and delight them. Three hearty cheers for the Architect, and also for the client who was prepared to accept the small added cost of having a beautiful building.
And to you, of course, for spotting it and bringing it to our attention.

Speedway said...
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Speedway said...

I've been wondering about the relationship of "neuroscience" to the design of the sun screen on the north side (aka 'brise soleil') and the curve of the west end of the building. The curve reminds me of a Great Wave painting by Katshushika and the screen looks like waves washing to shore.

Another building is being made just the east of this one. I thought they were related/conjoined, they are so close. But this one has opened, while the second is still mostly concrete pylons and elevator shaft.