Wednesday, October 24, 2012


After having rained all night, Saturday morning 
came up like jewels.The moisture clinging to the grass 
and leaves gave everything an added sparkle.


dive said...

Wow! After all the grey posts of late, the colour in this one hit me in my sleepy, early morning eyes and now I'm going to be starily awake all day.
Hoorah for Autumnal colour.

Speedway said...

My little world gray? Nah. Blue-gray, violet-gray, yellow- gray, etc., but hardly ever just plain B+W gray.

When I went for a walk Saturday after the rains all the night before, all this bright, jewel-like color was all around. It was terrific.

Petrea Burchard said...

I remember watching out of my classroom window in Illinois, as cedar waxwings gorged themselves on these.

Speedway said...

The birds don't care for them yet, Petrea, but I'll see cardinals and blue jays later. I've found out where robins go in winter: they go look for these trees and gorge themselves on the fruit until they cannot fly. I've seen them roosting in the snow below these trees, up to fifty of them, too to fly. It must be a winter treat.