Thursday, October 4, 2012

Finding the Front Door

For a long while I've been wondering what this building is used for. 
It is an addition to the NCAA headquarters just to the east, 
but why? Does administrating the national collegiate sports programs
really require so much additional space? As it turned out,
the building is a conference center, a place for the
organization to host its meetings with the member schools.

 I'd always seen it from this side which is, essentially, the back door.
I found this out when I followed the path to the north side
of the building, where I saw a large sweeping 
drive with a canopy over the entrance.

The side of the building is glass-enclosed, but striped horizontally, 
allowing some daylight to enter but providing privacy 
for the people inside. The alternating widths of the stripes
echoed the horizontal at the back of the building, which seem 
to break up the huge expanses of glass that look out
on the White River State Park just beyond.

What I found to be amazing is that I took these pictures 
with my little digital camera, yet the images of the buildings 
came out looking like architectural renderings. Huh.


dive said...

Boffo, Speedway. Perhaps you should shift from motorsport to architectural photography. Love the first shot in particular.

Speedway said...

Thank you, Dive. Though I don't think I really have a knack for architectural photography, one of the first photographers I admired was Margaret Bourke-White, whose images of industrial scenes, the Chrysler bldg and the like were pictures I really liked.