Sunday, October 28, 2012

Goose Dressing

A while back, oh, twenty-five years ago or so, cement geese 
were the thing to have as a part of your yard decor, 
especially on the front porch. Many homeowners dressed
their geese according to the seasons. They still do.
This Speedway resident adapted a toddler's Halloween
costume to fit her yard mascot. There are a few witches and
even a Frankengoose to be seen in other yards.

For the past couple years, plastic cadavers and body parts
can be seen emerging from front lawns.

There should be a broom sticking from the nether regions 
of this witch, who evidently lost altitude during a test run, and
did a face plant at a home a couple blocks  from my place. 
I figure someone tampered with the evidence 
to use the broom for their own 
Trick-or-Treat ride Halloween night.


dive said...

The USA is a strange and bewildering place, Speedway.

Speedway said...

Yep. And I live here. Gettin' scarier by the day.