Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rainy Days

After a  summer of interminable, unseasonable heat 
and very little rainfall, the autumn has ushered 
in clouds with the precipitation we should have gotten 
three months before. The drought is reflected 
in the prices at the grocery; the bacon shortage is because
the corn drops died, burned up in the heat of  the sun, 
and farmers could not afford to feed their piggies.
The first rain was a deluge, the ones we're getting
now are light, steady, just what we need to soak the ground

 This shrub was cut back, but is responding like 
it is spring, producing new growth, holding large drops
of rain as if to cherish its existence.


dive said...

A bacon shortage?
Thank goodness I live in a country where it never stops raining and the piggies are fat and happy.

Virginia said...

We had a drought for part of the summer here too. I love your raindrops photo!!!