Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Indiana in Relief

Every time I walk along the Central Canal, I end up taking pictures 
of the relief sculptures dotted around the limestone exterior 
of the Indiana State Museum. There is one for each country, showing 
some aspect of the county's history or resources.
I've taken a number pictures of them, but I didn't know how
to begin showing them, I guess because I want to do all ninety at once.

The relief above is for Carroll County, which is known for
its soybean production and the Freeman Reservoir,
a 2,800-acre lake.

The open car door shown here is for Madison County, 
known for its early participation in the automotive industry,
businesses which grew to include the manufacture of headlights, 
taillights, horns, batteries and other accessories.

The county seat of Delaware county, Muncie, was named after 
the Delaware chief Munsee, and is the center of manufacturing for home
canning equipment and glass food containers, particularly Ball jars.
The cartoon strip Garfield was developed by Jim Davis
in Muncie and work on the strip is done there.

 Ohio County, the smallest of the state's counties, 
is located in southeastern Indiana, just outside of Cincinnati.
Before the Civil War up to 100 steamboats and flatboats
would depart each week from the wharves at Rising Sun.


dive said...

Woah! Those are awesome, Speedway! I want to see all ninety of them. Beautiful works of art that are at the same time intelligent, informative and humorous.
Wonderful stuff!

Speedway said...

Oh, thank you, Dive. I'd like to get all 90 but many of them are placed fairly high on the exterior. All of them are both beautiful and/or funny.