Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mostly Blue and Orange

When I left for my walk last Saturday morning, it was beautiful. 
My first visit was to the catalpa tree just a block away, 
then I walked towards the Coke Field, 
hoping to catch it bathed in the same intense color 
I found when I first got up.

Nope. The clouds began to gather as I approached
the little bridge where I go to look for turtles and herons.
Of themselves, the clouds are not a bad thing; 
perhaps they might make a nice backdrop for sunlit leaves?
No such luck. The sun did not reappear while I was
at the Coke Field. But it did after I was about 
a half mile from home. 

Blue, yellow, and green, with just a spot of red.


dive said...

Autumnal colours have their own warmth, Speedway, even without the sunshine.

Speedway said...

Autumnal colors will go away this evening Dive, as the rains return and temps drop 25 degrees. Brrr.