Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Sunny Palate

I almost did not go to the Coke Field this afternoon,
but I'm glad I did. It was a beautiful day, the trees are changing color
and the palate at the Coke Field was rich and vibrant.

The animals and birds were hiding from me, 
but the seeds and berries that will provide them 
with food over the winter looked abundant,
and will be ripe for the picking when needed.


dive said...

Slap me hard for the 'palate'/'palette' thang (hee hee).
I must confess, Coke Field looks even more like rural England as the seasons pass. Beautiful.

Speedway said...

Actually, Dive, I sort of meant "palate" as a sense of aesthetic taste, or personal liking as opposed to "palette", but I thoroughly understand your thang. Honestly, "palette" didn't even cross my mind.

Well, maybe, if your rural England is surrounded by a housing project, a Coke bottling plant, and scattered about with plastic bottles and bags, plus the occasional burned-out porta-potty. But it is beautiful.

dive said...

Heehee. I'll slap myself for not thinking of that.

Speedway said...

Well,you are the word-meister, and I learn from you, using my dictionary and thesaurus just to make sure I don't screw ir up too much. Me, I'm just a silly t**t that got turned loose with a keyboard and a little camera.