Monday, September 16, 2013

Jazzfest Comes to Speedway!

Finally! After fifteen years the Indy Jazz Fest found its way to Speedway!
The Farrelly/Mankiewicz Jazz Quartet made an appearance
on Speedway's Main Street at the Dallara Indy Car Factory, where
hundreds of interested and enthusiastic supporters enjoyed
the quartet's music under the clear evening sky.
It is hoped that the success of the evening will result
in expanded participation in next year's event.
Saxophonist Jim Farrelly is shown above during set-up
for the performance.

The Jazz Fest began in 1999 as an effort to provide a venue 
to display and encourage the city's rich jazz heritage,
and to provide tourists with an experience outside 
of Indy's sports events. After a rocky start due to unforseen 
weather events, the festival was eventually reorganized 
as a non-profit foundation with an educational
initiative that takes jazz into the public school system.
Children from all walks of life have been exposed to the art form
as a result of this initiative. In addition to ten days of 
concerts all over the community, Indy Jazz Foundation
works to preserve the legacy and future of jazz
music in Indianapolis through year-round
education and performances.

In addition to the support of Dallara, Lino's Coffee also contributed 
to the success of the event. In fact, their barristas, bartenders,
and cooks were overwhelmed by the flow of customers, most
of whom who were extremely patient with the store's staff.
Patrons enjoy the quality of the store's food and beverage offerings,
and most were willing to wait the extra time to receive service.