Sunday, September 22, 2013

Just Another Saturday

For the past few Saturdays, I've been getting up early 
to go swimming at a high school pool
on the northeast side of Indy. I waited for the second bus 
at the Federal Court building on Ohio Street. 
It was coolish, but the sun was bright
and I enjoyed the quiet time to watch the city wake up.
On work week mornings, Indy bustles with the frenetic disorder
of people trying to get to work, making time to just enjoy 
the light and the colors a bit more difficult. 

At the pool, I joined a batch of other masters swimmers, 
all of them better and more experienced, 
for an hour and a half of drills and routines 
designed to make us stronger and faster swimmers. 
The first session was miserable, the second 
session even worse, but today was just long.
However, for whatever reason, I did enjoy it,
and I will return, even if to just have the excuse
to be able to be downtown early on Saturdays.


dive said...

Yay, swimming! Get fit and see stuff as beautiful as this at the same time. Bonus.
Lovely juxtaposition between the leafy softness and the harsh sharpness but it's the wavy sky and the melty gold building that are the real magic.

Speedway said...

Swimming ... yeah, Dive, those guys are killing me but, for whatever reason, it feels good, especially when I am done.