Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's A Party!

Early Saturday afternoon, while waiting downtown for a bus, 
I looked up to see a herd of nicely dressed people 
approaching from across the street. They were being led by
a casually dressed woman carrying a camera.

Given that only one of the women was wearing white and that
the other women were clad in identically colored gowns,
I quickly surmised the people formed a wedding party, in the
process of having pictures taken of the event and
their participation.

The women's dresses had the distinct quality
of not looking like bridesmaids' dresses, those notoriously
hideously styled and colored nightmares of legend.
The bride had also selected a beautiful color combination
for her wedding flowers; they made for lovely
bouquets and boutonnieres

The sunlight gave the Federal Court Building 
a warm aura, making the site a pleasant background 
for the delicate chiffon, silk, and flowers.
Afterward, the ladies picked up the hems of their gowns and,
trailed by the men, the photographer led her
charges back across the street, returning in the direction
from which they had come, trailing a happy mood
and a few moments of prettiness behind them.

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