Thursday, September 12, 2013


My recent cupcake odyssey gave me a lot of opportunities for pictures 
of various kinds -- old brickwork, new construction, 
and street signage at its most prosaic.
Two versions of the little profile man are shown 
in the top and middle photos. The economy may be stagnant,
but construction projects are plentiful; the mobile shacks
reflected above and the work shown below are just a small bit
of the numerous projects in downtown Indy. 

The traffic downtown is inexcusable for a city our size. 
The numerous attempts to address the sorry state of
the local public transportation system have always sounded like 
lip service falling on unhearing ears; people have become 
so dependent on their autos that there doesn't seem 
to be a viable way to wean them from their gas-guzzling ways
and the city fathers are making too much money from car owners
via fuel, upkeep, taxes, insurance and parking fees.
But their self-serving negligence is beginning 
to bite them in the ass, as increasing demands for better 
and more buses, more bike routes and facilities
show how far behind we are compared to other cities. 

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