Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Blush of Fall

A co-worker thoughtfully brought these pears to work.
Their colors are beautiful and inviting.
I love the way the yellow green blends into
the blushing pink on their sides.
I even kinda like the scratchy texture of their skins.
The aroma teases me,
making me want to bite them 
for their juicy flavor.
However, their creamy white flesh 
is too mealy for me;
I do not like pears.


dive said...

Sumptuous autumn colours, Speedway. Tres Cezanne!

Speedway said...

Hah! You saw it, too! When I saw the colors of the paper plate's flowers, I was reminded of Cezanne, too. Even more than the grouping of pears, the blue flowers set the whole thing up for me.

dive said...

Great minds …