Saturday, September 14, 2013

Swimming ...

This photo was taken Thursday evening at about 8 PM 
as my bus traveled west over the White River Bridge at 10th Street.
After I'd completed work I went to the Natatorium to swim for
an hour. Last week, my swimming didn't go as well as I'd
have liked; I couldn't get my stroke co-ordinated or complete
a lap without pausing to reconnoiter my position, so to speak,
and have been a bit discouraged and depressed as a result.
After I told my coach about my difficulties and concerns,
he assigned me to swim 1200 meters, in 100 meter increments.

This is not a difficult task for an experienced swimmer,
but it was new territory for me. He set my interval times then sent
me off and I spent the rest of the hour swimming up and down 
the length of the pool, catching my breath after each completed lap,
then doing it over again. At the end of the evening,
I'd completed about three-quarters of a mile.
I was tired, but the man I'd given permission to kill me
in sixty minute sessions did not do that. 
Instead, he'd asked me to stretch myself a bit, to have
a bit of confidence in myself, and to just ... keep going.

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