Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sky Mosaic

The fact that the J.W. Marriott Hotel is called "Big Blue"
is probably no surprise. The glass-clad building
is slightly curved, so it is not just a big box on the skyline.
Its surface looks more like a mosaic than
it does a mirror, showing us the beauty of the sky
rather than just reflecting it back at us.
It's as though a skilled tile setter installed 
the expanse, his hand adding 
an artist's touch to each piece of glass.
On this day, we got a watercolor sky. 


mabepi said...

The Marriott should buy that first photo for their advrtisments (that would set you up for a long time).

Speedway said...

Hey, Alison! Hi! It's good to see you've made it back Ok. Thanks for the idea about the Marriott. I love to take pictures of "Big Blue" because it turns so many different shades of blue, never flat like so many glass-clad buildings.