Sunday, September 8, 2013

Men in ... Oops! Check That ... Men Filling Holes

A new hole! It looked as though it had just been cut and the crew 
was getting ready to install another section of water line.
I was on my way to a swimming session and could not stop,
intending to pester the men with questions about the new line,
as well as the fire hydrant, afterwards.
Two hours later, I came out to find that not only had
the pipe been installed, but the hole was filled and ... and ...
and they were cleaning the cement truck!
OMG! Another missed opportunity!

All with the help of their beautiful assistant, Clarice.
(I made up the part about her name. There was 
a "Clarence" at the other end of the project.)

1 comment:

dive said...

Yay for men and their holes. Er …
Love the guy who didn't bother to take off his baseball cap before donning his hard hat. I'm going to show that to the guys on site next week.