Friday, September 6, 2013

Little Day

Here, a security guard at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is interviewed 
by a representative from a local TV station. It's been quite a while 
since I've seen this style of galluses worn, but maybe I just haven't been
paying sufficient attention. After all, most young men seem
to prefer "sagging", so efforts to keep one's trousers at one's waist
would be lost on them.

A crew from the Speedway Fire Department took time from their shift 
to visit the Speedway. Yes, they were on duty, but maintain
radio contact with the dispatcher through communications in the
truck, as well as on their persons. On occasion, I've been at the grocery
when a crew was shopping for their meal, or at a restaurant 
when they've gotten a run. The crews dropped whatever they were
doing and headed out to their vehicle to go to the scene.
With the advent of fire-retardant building materials, building practices
and uniform fire codes, most fire department runs (about 85%)
now are actually medical emergencies, for which most personnel 
are cross-trained. The fire runs that do occur, though, 
can be anything from a trash fire to a conflagration 
in an apartment complex. We'd be lost without these 
men and women; theirs is a special calling. 

Before we went to the track Wednesday morning, 
my friend Bessie and I went to Lino's Coffee in the Dallara
IndyCar factory building on Main Street.
We took our coffee and wonderful breakfast sandwiches
outside to enjoy the beautiful morning --
and to watch a crew of men at work installing
a new gas line. Personally, I prefer to watch men in
harness, but the time spent watching these guys bore a hole 
through the ground to run a new gas line into the
building was educational, too.
(That gray device being used by the man on
the left allows him to "see" the progress
of the boring below the surface.)


dive said...

Wherever you go you seem to attract men in holes, Speedway. As superpowers go, it's not up there with flying, but it must be pretty satisfying nonetheless.

Mr T said...

Lovely human and colour study. I envy you, I can't do humans.