Friday, January 11, 2013

A Rainy Winter Day

I walked to the grocery Thursday afternoon, thinking I would return home 
before the rain started. Wrong. I could have walked home, 
but decided to catch the bus because I had a package 
I didn't want to get wet. The rain will wash away the remains of 
snow that had fallen since Christmas.
For those who think that snow in the Midwest looks
like those prettified pictures of happy people riding in a horse-drawn
sleigh, the picture below shows a mound of snow at our local
shopping center. Created by a snow plough to clear the parking lot,
such mounds form the highest elevations throughout 
the Midwest, until finally melted by the sun sometime in April.

1 comment:

dive said...

Old grey snow is such a depressing sight. Let's hope your rain washes it all away and brings spring soon.