Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Artist's Light

In 2008, the Indianapolis Museum of Art commissioned artist 
Robert Irwin, to create Light and Space III for the Pulliam Great Hall.
The combination of fluorescent light tubes and translucent scrim
tranforms the entire hall into an installation, allowing visitors the opportunity
to experience a piece that both illuminates the area in an arrangement 
of irregular rectangles, and provides a transition 
to the many galleries surrounding the hall.

With Irwin's minimalist conception, he gives the viewer 
the opportunity to experience art in a functional way, 
one that also allows them to see that a mundane object can also 
perform a transformative role in the way they see their surroundings.
On my last visit, Light and Space III gave me a different 
view of the escalators, both in the soft shine 
of the stainless steel railings and in the perspective, 
as the stairs moved from one level to the next.


dive said...

That's a great installation, Speedway. I'm afraid my first thought, however, was "That'd be a bugger to dust."
As with most art installations, inspiration takes precedence over maintenance. Keeping that clean and changing the tubes is going to be a real pain for someone.

Speedway said...

Since you like to dust, why don't you apply for a job at the IMA, just to keep this installation tidy? I've seen workmen painting the hall,using scissors lifts that take them to the top of the hall. I assume they dust using the same sort of structure.

Then again, it is an art museum, in charge of the care and maintenance for thousands of pieces, so I suppose they have all the air filtration systems needed to keep the dust out. Besides, they may also have something as simple as a feather duster on a telescoping pole to do some of the everyday stuff.

But they may need you, duster Dive extrodinaire.