Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Day 2013: Best Photo of 2012

I don't know that these are my best pictures, but they do seem to have been 
among the most popular of the ones I took this past year.
I've been trying to take another shot of the same creek with snow,
but the overcast has not cooperated.

With no Theme Day established for January, particpants in the City Daily Photo 
portal elected instead to post their best and/or favorite photos of 2012. 
To see photos from all over the world, please follow this link, 
to City Daily Photo's "Best Pictures of 2012."


dive said...

All your photos are so brilliant that a "Best of 2012" would involve just about every post you've done over the past twelve months.
Here's to the next twelve! Happy New Year, Speedway. xx

Speedway said...

Happy New Year, Dive! You always have such nice things to say, but I appreciate your comments, every one and every day. XX

There are so many excellent photographers working, that I am envious of their eye and try to be more alert to my surroundings when I am taking pictures. Now I want a bigger camera, but I think the element of having this one, always in my pocket, is a part of any advantage I may enjoy, say, over having to set a bigger one up, etc.

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

Love that top post - I didn't immediately see that the sun was a reflection but soon realised it was. Happy New Year.

wilf said...

beautiful reflection of the sun on the water, so poetic

Anonymous said...

Nearly as if painted. Beautiful.

Please have a good New Year ahead.

daily athens photo

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Absolutely stunning reflection !!! Happy New Year !!!

Kim said...

Nice choice from among some amazing contenders in 2012. I really love the reflection, all the more for the texture on the water created by scum or whathaveyou. The tree reflections frame the shot so beautifully. Hope you find lots more lovely captures in 2013!

Speedway said...

Thank you all for your lovely and kind comments. Finding these reflections was an unexpected treat. I go back to the creek from time to time to see what gifts it may reveal, but this particular day, it gave me gold.

Kim, those were seeds on the surface, and bits of dried grasses. Too much to hope that there will never be a bit of scum to break up the surface.

Joe said...

Congrats on this image. It is wonderful. J.

Kate said...

They are both dreamlike images. Wonderful!

Ali Crehan said...


Happy new year!

Buck said...

A beautiful, beautiful photo. An inspiration. Happy 2013!