Monday, January 14, 2013

Navel Gazing: Icy Confusion

As an ambulance drove by my home this evening, 
I noticed its lights reflected off an icy glaze developing 
on the rain puddles. The temperatures were in the fifties yesterday,
and one could see clouds, blue-black with moisture, approaching
from the southwest. It began raining during the late
afternoon and kept up for twenty-four hours. I walked to the
store, took some pictures, noting that the forsythia bush near
my door had developed some buds. Poor thing, I thought.
Along with the rain, the temperatures began to drop, 
so the buds are for naught. How many times can a plant
do this before it does not bloom at all? 

The City Daily Photo portal chose to not have a Theme Day 
for January, opting instead to host a day of exploration 
into how our work has changed since we began blogging.
Me? I'm still trying to figure out how to get my camera 
to focus on my subject rather than its background.
No change, I'm afraid. I'm trying to become braver about
including human subjects in my photography.
Again, only marginal improvement.
I began this blog in order to get into the habit
discipline of sticking words together
in some coherent fashion. Perhaps my editing
has improved, my vocabulary more varied.
Maybe my images are a bit more refined because
I am looking more for the art in every day things
than I am seeking just to record them. I dunno.
Click on the link above to view the CDP participants.


dive said...

Gosh, look at all the colours in that top photo! The forsythia outside my dining room window is always up early and defying the cold. I think it's in competition with my winter jasmine to see who looks better with their yellow blossom set against the snow.

Your blogging has always been fantastic, Speedway, and has gone from strength to strength. It's always a delight to brighten my mornings. Keep up the good work.

Speedway said...

Ahhh, you are the bit of winter sun that makes my litle yellow buds bloom, Dive. You are so kind.

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

I think you're doing great - just keep taking photographs and refining your writing.

Anonymous said...

Our early daffodils are some 2-3 inches above the autumn leaves. They got their noses frostbit overnight.

Ann said...

Your're doing pretty well judging by that top photo.

Buck said...

I really like the top photo; that pendant drop makes me think about the impermanence of things, how quickly they can change. I don't write nearly enough; maybe that's the lesson I need to cling to. Thanks for sharing and I hope the forsythia bounces back!

Speedway said...

Dive and Gerald, are you trying to say, in you nice-guy fashions, "More pictures, less chatter?" Hahaha. I think. :-D

Hello, Pi. The few days of warmer temperatures always fools them, doesn't it? I've noticed buds on some magnolia trees in the neighborhood, but they don't seem to wake up too early. I haven't seen any daffodils, though.

Thank you, Ann, for your kind words. I have a little Canon PowerShot SX120 that travels with me in a pocket or my tote. It virtually always focuses on the background of what I'm aiming at, meaning I have to take several pictures to get just one.

Yes, Buck, I agree, and try to get the picture when I can, at that moment, because it will never happen again. While my little camera has its shortcomings, it is a blessing, as well, because the pictures I took Sunday will never come my way again.