Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunshine, on a Cloudy Day

The branches are pointing towards the brightest spot of the day,
 a moderately lighter area in the day's overcast.
I'd been out walking for about ninety minutes when
snow started falling. I stopped at the store only to find the 
temperatures were dropping just as the flurries
increased their intensity.

A bit of  blue briefly shown through the overcast.
"I got sunshine on a cloudy day," came from this Motown
classic, recorded in 1964 by the Temptations


dive said...

Hoorah for Motown!
It still looks bealky wintery out your way, Speedway. Stay warm!

Speedway said...

It is, Dive. Not really cold, just shades of gray mostly without the usual color to relieve it - and I'm looking for color values in my grays, textures and patterns, with almost nothing to show for it. I'd give anything, almost, to come upon an abandoned flint-wall church. Bleh.