Monday, January 7, 2013

Cousin Itt's Red-Headed Stepchild

The breeze moved, I dunno, something as I walked past a corner in Speedway.
I caught sight of it in the corner of my eye and paused to look down the
street to figure out what it was. A covered birdbath? Christmas wrappings
escaped from the trash heap only to get caught in a bush?
With twigs for arms and red pom-poms for hair, a child's first snowman 
created an eye-catching presence in the neighborhood, 
reminding me of Cousin Itt from the Addams Family cartoons and 
TV series. This little fella, though, seemed to be the spawn 
from Cousin Itt's lusty assignations with a Hollywood cheerleader. 
I can just see all that chirpy cheerfulness 
fitting into the Addams' happy home.


dive said...

I wish my keyboard had a key that typed in Cousin Itt's voice. I also wish I could get the image of Cousin Itt and a cheerleader in "lusty assignation" out of my head as I'm now off to work and that's going to seriously disturb my morning.

Speedway said...

Cousin Itt's voice kinda sounds like animated innersprings, so combined with the high-pitched "Hooray, Itt! Come on Itt!, Ooh, baby-baby! There Itt is! Squeeee! Blond hair flying everywhere! That's the kind of porno I wanna see - "Itt Shoots! Itt scores! Squeee!" I would laugh so hard.

dive said...

Oh, my … Now I'm going to be dreaming that tonight.
Well, I suppose it's better than my usual dreams.