Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Stalking the American Robin

People who live near the Coke Field have told me about watching coyotes 
trotting across the field and of foxes pouncing on field mice.
Hawks can sometimes be seen circling overhead, coolly awaiting
an unsuspecting rabbit to enter its line of sight.  
While I've startled up the occasional heron, the only bit of wildlife
I see regularly is the ubiquitous American Robin.
Today, I found myself on-line looking for illustrations showing
the differences between coyote and dog tracks
(the general shape of a coyote paw seems more oval
than a dog's foot) because I think I've gotten
excited over a track that's turned out to be the poodle
belonging to Harry, who lives down the street.

Watch as Sara, the Great White Hunter stalks puppies and kitties 
in her quest to photograph Speedway's urban wildlife.

1 comment:

dive said...

Another Andrew Wyeth photograph. Stunning, Speedway.
Stalking kittens si great fun.