Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Textured Tuesday: Crystal Screen

On my way to the grocery Sunday afternoon, 
I spotted a screen that had been blown out of a window 
during the overnight storms. Its beauty stopped me in my tracks.
Droplets of water clung to the underside of the screen, creating a pattern
of clear circles against its black grid. Then, as the weight of the accumulated
water caused the screen to sag, the puddle below acquired a pattern
of dashed lines. The best bit, though, was when I bent down
to see the shadows the screen had cast on the puddle:
there they were, the beads of water, both reflected and reflecting 
upward, revealing the gray sky and the grid that held them,
that kept them from joining the pooled water just below.


dive said...

You are the coolest. No doubt about it.

Speedway said...

Ahhh, thank you, Dive. Whenever I'm on walkabout in the city, just a nondescript, middle-aged woman with a camera in her pocket, I will remember than someone, somewhere, told me I was "the coolest."

dive said...

And it's true.