Thursday, February 28, 2013

Back and Forth

When I left for work this morning, I decided to wear one of my baseball hats 
to help fend off the morning drizzle as I walked to the bus stop.
It felt liberating to be free of the snug, cocoon-like fleece ski hat.
Late this afternoon I was wishing for snug; the temperature had dropped
and the edges of a late winter snow squall blew over the city.
The picture above shows other commuters who, like me, quietly
waited for their ride home, resigned to the cold breezes slapping our
faces with big, sloppy flakes of snow.
The picture below was taken at about 8:15 a.m., as a woman
crossed the intersection on her way to her office.
Her long, blond hair was probably free of a hat for the
first time since last fall.

1 comment:

dive said...

Winter sure is clinging on with teeth and nails this year, Speedway.
Stay warm!