Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Textured Tuesday: Winter Rose

I was surprised to find these flowers during my walk last week 
in the IMA grounds. Called a winter rose, it is not a rose,
but a Hellebore which flowers during the coldest part of the winter.
I found them planted beneath trees beside the walkway 
that, during the summer, would provide just the sort of cover the
plants would enjoy. The information about the flower
stated that it "thrives on neglect."
Sounds like my kind of plant.

When I saw these pale pink flowers, they had emerged, 
almost defiantly, from amid brown winter leaves, to add a touch
of beauty to the stark day. 


dive said...

Yay! Stinking Hellebore is one of my favourite plant names.
Pretty, too.
I have them in my garden, which is neglected to the point of being a nature reserve. I like it that way.

neetzy said...

What a wonderful winter surprise!

Speedway said...

"Stinking hellebore" sounds like something out of Harry Potter, A house not far from here has a yard which, judging by the houses around it, is pretty untidy. However, it also has a sign designated it as a bird sanctuary. In effect, telling the anal neighbors to "eff off."

Neetzy, it was a surprise! The day was cold and drizzly and it was definitely unusual to find a plot of happily blooming flowers.

lin said...

Thrives on neglect! Perfect for me-- I must get me some.