Monday, February 11, 2013

Men at Work

Since the cold weather has eased somewhat in our area, it's been nice 
to get out to see all the activity taking place around town.
I like to see the variations I can find on "men in pits."
It's perverse, but while the idea of having a man in a pit is tempting,
it is definitely 'way too much of a high maintenance endeavor. 
First of all, I'd have to dig a suitable pit, one that a strong, 
sturdy man could not climb or jump out of. To make it deep enough
I'd have to bring in one of those steel retaining walls that prevent collapse.
Well, somebody would be certain to report the silly woman
(I only have one cat, so I can't actually be crazy) who'd
commissioned an excavation that would hold a lounge chair,
a large screen TV, and a cooler big enough to hold a beer keg
and a year's supply of wings. 

The men in the top hole were doing maintenance work on area 
telecommunications lines, while the man was digging a trench 
for new electrical conduits. I don't know what the other men on the crew 
were doing, perhaps providing him encouragement and entertainment.

These men were taking a late lunch. 
Business, of course.
They must be ad men because they're too happy 
and relaxed to be attorneys or accountants.
But no matter - whether they were wearing suits
or canvas coveralls, every man I saw was
good looking (and made great pit candidates).


dive said...

What you need is to hire one of those cute little mini-backhoes, kit yourself out in a hi-vis jacket and a hard hat and go digging up the streets of Indianapolis. Lay a tarp over the holes and most men will be dumb enough to fall straight in.
Good luck with your collection, Speedway.

Speedway said...

Comedienne Maria Bamford has expressed similar plans, only she covers her pit with dried leaves and baits it with a large cheeseburger in the center.