Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February Recess

With temperatures in the mid-fifties on Monday afternoon, 
residents of my neighborhood took the opportunity to play outside.
A pick-up basketball game in the driveway of a nearby
home occupied the energies of a group of teen-age boys, while
a little boy left his bicycle to go join his big brother
in a game of softball.

The respite from colder temperatures was short-lived, though.
Before I got home later in the afternoon, the wind had picked up,
bringing with it cold rain showers that brought my little
spring fantasy to a halt.

This yard ornament on the porch of a Speedway home, 
brought a smile to my face. Costumed geese were rampant
some years back and, although they've since become a little outre'
I enjoy the damn things and applaud the people who
maintain their geese in appropriate holiday gear.
Although Valentine's Day passed without a nibble,
I still hold out hope, even if it is a goose in a red dress.
Anyway ... be mine?


dive said...

Great action shot, Speedway. and I like the lonely bike watching the game, too.
The goose is hilarious. America is a strange place.

Speedway said...

Us, I mean US ... strange? That's the pot calling the kettle black, isn't it? We came by our strangeness honestly.

I've always wanted a goose to dress up, too. I've always imagined her in a chenille bath robe, shapeless nightie and curlers. And I'd like her mate to stand on the doorstep, morning paper under his wing, wearing a pair of foulard-print boxers and a cotton knit tank top undershirt.

dive said...

Yup strange …
Having said that, we don't do geese over here but I used to have a standee of Edna Krabappel throwing a sexy pose. Wish I still had that.