Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Iron Lace

I was taking pictures of the brick exterior walls of some buildings 
in downtown Indy. I turned around and looked up to see
what looked like lace trim, adding grace and beauty to the otherwise
dull facade of Circle Centre Mall.
When mall construction was planned nearly twenty
years ago, the Indiana Landmarks Foundation
required that the facades of many old buildings be incorporated 
into the new construction. Over the years the ILF had acquired a number
of the facades, which they saved and stored for future use.
The facade of the old Vajen Exchange block, constructed in 1872, 
was saved from the original structure had stood at 120 North Pennsylvania.
It is one of four structures that add interest, warmth, and variation
to the east exterior of the Mall.


dive said...

Yay! Sweet pediment, Speedway.
Notice the lovely way in which the windows change proportion from storey to storey; structurally elegant and æsthetically pleasing. If only today's buildings had such grace.

Kris said...

what a great idea to store the facade! Not that I don't like modern built, but the historical ones add so much character.
Like your title, by the way :)