Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Next Day: Soggy Little Sweaters

It's inevitable, I suppose. After all, the unofficial state motto of Indiana is, 
"If you don't like our weather, stick around for fifteen minutes."
I woke up to rain showers that continued throughout the day. When I went
to the store, I stopped to check on the magnolia tree.
It was doing just fine, the little sweaters worn by its buds
sheltered them from the wet weather.
No such little sweaters for the humans though, as they 
dashed through the drizzle on their way to the store.


dive said...

Well, I suppose it's better than snow and ice and at least the magnolia knows that spring is on the way.

Speedway said...

Snow and ice expected this morning, Dive. Damn. There are little shiny black puddles on the sidewalk as I type, with a cold breeze blowing across their surfaces.