Sunday, February 3, 2013


As I walked past the Indianapolis Power & Light Company office yesterday, 
I stopped dead in my tracks, I imagine much like the cold air did 
when it came into contact with the windows at the main entrance.
With the mirrors of an art installation reflecting colors, the condensation
added its own interpretive streaks, distorting and spreading the color.
The bottom image I turned on its side because the orbs
and streaks remind me of a sci-fi imaging of the planets' suns
orbiting in a haze of heat and gases. 

A question: IP&L is forever advising its customers of steps 
they can take to lower their utility bills. Why haven't they replaced the
obviously inefficient windows with the double-paned variety?


dive said...

They've probably kept the single glazing because it makes nice effects like this when the condensation runs down it.

Speedway said...

Thanks, Dive. I doubt the IPL people have ever paid that much attention to their windows. "Trippy?" *Snicker* That's a description I've been trying to avoid since the 60s. Instead, I've been telling people there's no need to do drugs when I can be effed up on my own.