Saturday, February 9, 2013

Crystals and Harley

Wednesday was an odyssey. After lunching with friends, 
I went in search of a coconut cupcake.
I headed east towards Massachusetts Avenue
and The Flying Cupcake, a sliver of an old
storefront barely big enough for a display case, a few small
tables, a refrigerator, and an astounding array
of flavored, colored, and prettily decorated delights.

The Flying Cupcake is one of several small shops around Indy, 
supplied by the main store and bakery just north of the downtown area.
I've also encountered Petunia, the bakery's rolling store, that offers
the yummy cakes to customers unable to get to a store.
The atmosphere of the little storefront on Massachusetts Avenue
is friendly, it's shabby-chic interior bearing no trace
of a corporate game plan lurking amid the frosted treats.
Yay, for that. 
I'd waited a month, through snow and wind chill
to indulge my longing for "Coo-coo Coconut."
I left with a pretty pink box containing the coconut cake,
plus one each of "Here Comes the Bride" with a tiny sugar
bride and groom on top, and a chocolate one
called "Peppermint Twist."
Could I make them last with a treat every other day? 

The odyssey carried on. I'd walked about a mile to get to the store, 
then walked back towards the downtown area to go to the camera store, 
well over a mile away. Then I wandered some more, stopping 
and starting, my little treasures in my tote, while I took
a batch of pictures. Just before I got the bus for home, 
I stopped at a shop to warm up with a nice hot latte -
and the little sugar bridal couple disappeared, savored slowly
bite by bite, while I waited for the bus.

One two down, one two to go.


dive said...

Yum! That's a great juxtaposition in the first photo.
If only everybody walked a couple of miles to get their cupcakes, we wouldn't be such a bunch of lard-arses. You're a lesson for us all, Speedway.

Speedway said...

Thanks, Dive. However, I walk and walk and walk, but I am still a lard-ass, albeit one who's willing to walk a few miles to get her treats. Damn.