Thursday, February 7, 2013

Because It Is

I love bricks. They add warmth wherever they happened to be used.
Here, on the wall of this building on South Meridian Street,
they are old. They've seen the passing of years, of generations
of shops and people wandering the streets.
Their varegated color speaks of the clay from which
they were formed, the hands that made them
a hundred years ago and more. So many are stacked, 
doing their job but needing to have their mortar cleaned, 
repaired, and replaced. They are blue and red, 
orange and brown, and running one's hand over their
surface brings one into contact with history,
in a way no thin coat of stucco, spread over 
styrofoam, can ever do. 


dive said...

You had me at "I love bricks."

Speedway said...

Thanks. I also love their smell. It may be my imagination, but they seem to give off an odor when they've been baking in the sun that radiates off the surface along with the warmth.