Saturday, February 2, 2013

I Wa-a-ant Them

I found these two couples, closely intertwined, dancing to their own music 
as I entered the dimly-lit lobby of a downtown building.
The metallic wall reflected them, populating the scene even more.
Although frozen in stone, the piece has its own life,
independent of whatever is going on around it;
I heard the music and could see the movement.

For some time, I'd been intending to visit Kuaba Fine Art Gallery.
Located at the corner of North Meridian and Washington Streets, 
the gallery's second floor suite is open and full
of light from windows that look down on the busy intersection.
Contemporary African art forms of various media,
painting, drawing, textile arts and Shona stone sculptures
are on view and available for sale.

The nude sculture above, titled Sheba
is by Zimbabwean artist, Gregory Mutasa.


dive said...

Oh, wow! Me too, Speedway. Those are fabulous sculptures. You have such marvellous museums and galleries all around you, lucky girl.

Petrea Burchard said...

Art is subjective, and though these are not pieces I'd like to have at my house, I can see how well done they are, what talent and creativity went into them. The lines of the nude are so angular! Very cool.

But do you know what I mean? Sometimes a piece doesn't show that kind of thought. It might still be evocative, but of what?