Sunday, February 10, 2013

Quaker Then/Qaekr Now

The merchants along Indy's Massachusetts Avenue make efforts 
to restore and retain anchors of our past, as evidenced by
the overlapping generations of painted signs on the side of this building.
Not far away, a tagger calling himself "Qaekr" has called back
the familiar face from Quaker Oats advertising,
adapting the iconic portrait for the slaps he sticks onto
lamp posts, mail boxes, walls, and street lights.
While I didn't immediately see an example of the artist's
graffiti, photos of his work and the sticker from all around 
the Midwest have been posted on-line.


dive said...

I love the faded paint of old ads on the ends of brick buildings. That's a fantastic example, Speedway and a great shot, too, with the tree shadow across it.
When I was a kid my little brother loved Quaker Oats but I hated them. I was a Scott's Porage Oats boy; Quaker oats were too soft and slimy. Hee hee.
I like the the QAEKR logo. I don't mind tags if the artist has a modicum of talent and imagination.

Speedway said...

I've always loved the old painted signs, too, Dive. I also loved Quaker Oats, but preferred the rolled kind that take forever to cook. It's the quick-cooking version that gets all slimy. I always take mine off the burner just before they're "done" according to the label, so I get big flakes of oats. Nowadays, I get Bob's Red Mill Steel Cut Oats. They taste good, have great texture and provide all the healthification one could want for various passages and orifices.

dive said...

And who can resist anything made by Bob?