Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blue and Orange Morning

Well...I was hoping for pink trees and purple shadows when 
I got up this morning. What I got was orange trees and blue skies.
Did I leave the house too late to catch that first tinge of color
as the sun rose from behind the Speedway grandstands?
I dunno. I guess I have to try again tomorrow,
making certain I leave the house as soon after 7 a.m.
as I can manage. Whether there will be a blush
of color similar to what I saw on the trees in the park, 
I can't say until I check it out for myself.

In the meanwhile, feel the, er, warmth of the sun 
as it shines it's orange-y self on the trees.
See that kind of scum on the surface of the water?
That's a thin skin of ice.
While I'm looking forward to seeing this scene
covered in snow,  I was so glad to be coming home to
a nice breakfast and a pot of hot coffee.


dive said...

Ah, the wonderful warmth of winter sunshine (colour-wise if not temperature-wise).
I hope you enjoy your breakfast and coffee as much as I enjoyed mine. I'm staying in today; the fire is lit and the icy weather can just stay outside and play by itself.

Thanks for the music. It took me right back to the seventies and gave me what we used to refer to as a big ol' shit-eating grin.

Speedway said...

I did manage to get out just after 7 this AM, Dive, to go see the sunrise. I think the pink bit, if there was one, lasted just a very few seconds, but there were definitely lovely lavenders and frosted jade shade on the grass. Altogether, I think I walked for about 2 hrs as the sun came up to make a bright, cloudless day.

I remember Delaney & Bonnie & Friends from years back. I had a lot of good LP's that went missing, their records among them, that were irreplaceable at the time. Listening to these guys makes me wonder why it is that some guys learn a few chords, get their one-off hit, but somehow don't seem interested in mastering their instruments, while others, like the men (and women) featured on these Crossroads recordings, sit down when they're kids to develop a depth and range that carries them to life-long careers. Damn, I love to listen to the good ones - and I ain't no expert by a long shot.