Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Another morning, Boxing Day in England I guess. 
(Is that because everyone boxes up the Christmas decorations, 
packing them away for another year?)
Some people like sunsets, I prefer the sunrise, 
possibly because I feel a bit safer because
most thugs aren't early risers.
As I told someone a while back, seeing the sun rise
gets me an early start on the day, and allows 
me plenty of time to fuck it up.

Many thanks to my nephew, Joseph for his gifts of
Steve Jobs' biography by Walter Isaacson
and the CD, Wynton Marsalis and Eric Clapton
Play the Blues. It's not fucked up.


R1 said...

Lovely photo...i like it a lot!

Scout said...

What a gorgeous sunrise. And I know what you mean about preferring them to sunsets. There is something about looking forward to a day's worth of possibilities.

dive said...

I have no idea why "Boxing" Day, Speedway, unless it is because having the whole family stuck in the same room over Christmas leads to pugilism.
The photo is gorgeous (as ever … you set yourself a very high bar) and you're right about the CD, it royally doesn't suck.

Speedway said...

G,morning, er... afternonn,er...whatever, Dive, the beep with your comment came through just as I was listening to "Forty-four" again. Damn, I love that piece. Makes me wanna go down a road trod by so many other people, to learn more about the blues (not my own)and the musicians. However, I can't read music, have no ear as such and only my gut feeling to guide me. Well, maybe have Wynton Marsalis to guide the journey. And I do have a Taj Mahal CD in my pile. And I'm just hitting the qwerty's willie-nilly right now.

dive said...

Hey, I can't read music, I have no ear (sheesh, you REALLY don't want to hear me try to sing) and have only my ragged old soul to guide me, but I've been playing the blues all my life.
So to get you up and playing yourself I'm about to post my own version of 44 (if I can get the damned Blog-thing to work).

Speedway said...

Thank you, Dive. I think I'm going over to the Coke Field in a few minutes. It's snowing in big splotchy glops and might be pretty.

dive said...

Wrap up warm.

Speedway said...

Hello, R. (May I call you "R"?) and welcome to my wintery little world. It was taken early Christmas day during a short walk.

Hi, Scout. Yep, I like sunrises because I get one more day to do something nice, while sunsets seem so much like I've wasted the time given. And I'm lazy. Did you see a bunch of messed up tacky Christmas displays?