Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Tuesday afternoon I looked up to find snow falling 
in big, gloppy splats. I walked over to the Coke Field to
take these pictures, slipping and sliding all the way.

Early this evening, I went to have my hair cut, 
then walked home. The slush that only a couple hours 
earlier overflowed the gutters was already gone. 
In the dark, my way had been cleared,
outlined by the snow that remained on the lawns.


dive said...

Holy frijole!
When the big globby starts to splat it's time to fly south for the winter.

Speedway said...

Holy frijole, Dive! We got about 2 inches of wet snow yesterday afternoon, which had melted from the sidewalks by early evening, when I walked home from the hair salon. This morning only the shadows had snow left. More to come this weekend, though.