Monday, December 12, 2011

Sunday Morning, 7:54... Or So

I started for the Coke Field earlier this morning, at about 7:15, 
hoping to catch the brief moment when sun's rays turn the trees pink. 
I don't know that I missed it, but I was pleased to see the
lovely subtleties that did reveal themselves:
on my way to the little bridge over the creek, I looked
over my shoulder to see the moon, balancing itself 
above the trees in a lavender sky, while the ducks in the creek 
were having an early morning bath in a pool of  blue. 

After a few minutes, the sun cast it's orangeness 
onto the little woods, creating shadows of maroon and purple, with a small patch of blue in the creek, reflecting the morning sky above.

To most people, it's a drainage ditch surrounded by a few shrubs, 
while to me it's a place of small beauties.


dive said...

Beautiful Moon shot, Speedway.
What a magical time of day; when the muted colours are suddenly lit by the pinks and oranges of the morning sun.
All this and cute duckies, too!

Speedway said...

Thank you, Dive. Some people like sunsets but I prefer sunrises - starts off beautifully then gives me time to fuck up the rest of the day.

The ducks were bathing enthusiastically, dipping their heads and flapping their wings to get their day off to a good start with freshly washed feathers.