Monday, December 5, 2011

In the Gutter

Edged in icy lace, the leaves lay 
in the gutter hidden from the sun, 
one last attempt to display their beauty 
before succumbing to the winter. 


dive said...

These may be laying in the gutter but not only are they looking at the stars, they are looking LIKE them, too, the Milky Way sparkling across their surfaces.
Beautifully photographed and written (as always … hee hee; you've set your daily post target very high).

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

You have captured the last moments of autumn leaves in a shot that would make a painter envious. My first thought was "sugar glaze" but perhaps I am hungry.

The lighting and colors are exquisite.


Speedway said...

G'morning, Dive. I hope this day is better organized for you. You're setting a poetic turn yourself with "looking like stars... the Milky Way sparkling across their surfaces." I guess we got a gutter galaxy goin' here. (You are sweet.) Hee hee.

Hi, Genie! Have you returned yet from Paris? Thank you for you nice words. Isn't it strange how the most mundane moment can offer up things like old leaves outlined in frost?