Thursday, December 15, 2011


These delicate stalks spent their summer climbing 
toward the sun, bending to Nature's whim,
their stems forging delicate descriptions of their twining,
showing the record of their journey in the winter light.
Delicate. Slender. Strong.

I suppose this may be the diary of the Coke Field's plants,
the barren stems, stalks and trees the sepia-toned
record of  the now-dormant field, waiting for a new chapter
to be written in the coming spring.

The cold air had me heading down to my corner
Starbucks for an eggnog latte, a treat in this
Christmas season. Ummm, happiness.


dive said...

Wow! Nature's own ikebana, and better than any flower arranger could manage. That's a wonderful piece of art, Speedway.
I love the sun on the water and through the leaves, too.
Your Coke Field diary would make a great book to tout around the crowds next season. As you and me demonstrate, motor racing fans can appreciate art, too.

Scout said...

Oh, how lovely. I know it's brown and crisp, but these stalks seem frozen in time, and they hold the light so well.