Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pigeon Feed

This morning, I went to work late because I had to take care
 of some business. Due to the overcast,  I was feeling discouraged
about the prospect of finding any interesting pictures.
Then I saw this young man feeding granola to the street fowl.

He moved slowly, purposely, to encourage the pigeons 
to take the cereal from his hand, while in the background
a flock of sparrows formed a circle just beyond the larger birds,
waiting for a small crumb to come their way. It did.
While he distracted the pigeons with a larger helping of food, 
a small scattering was tossed to the little guys.
Somewhere above, a pair of  peregrine falcons
is dining on grain-fed street chickens.  

1 comment:

dive said...

What cruelty! To inflict granola on those poor defenceless creatures.
For shame!