Monday, December 19, 2011


Two solitary hearts, separated by their introverted natures,
each longing for the touch of the other, 
cautious as cats scurrying along the foundation,
 dark shadows in the corner of the eye,
pausing only long enough to look, to wonder
whether it is safe to accept
the love each desires.


dive said...

Beautiful, Speedway.
I hope whoever owns that second heart has the sense to open it.

I love the photo. Where was that taken? You're nowhere near the sea so I can only assume you have a lake somewhere nearby.
I confess, my first thought was "Oooh! Spume!" but then I saw the cute little sandpiper wondering if these people are predators or if it should ignore them and carry on hunting for dinner.
And thank you so much for Ray Charles for breakfast. A real treat.

Scout said...

Beautiful sentiment—the word picture of cautious cats is brilliant.

Did you take a drive up the Lake Michigan?

Speedway said...

Thank you,Dive. As usual, you are kind with your words.

The picture was taken along the Gulf coast at Galveston in about February 2005, when we went to Houston to have an engine rebuilt/adapted for our boat; Carl had the diesel engine he bought out of a truck salvage yard for a couple thousand $$, converted to water-cooled, saving many thousands of dollars from the price of a purpose-built marine engine.

Carl never thought I needed him, I guess, not realizing he was my muse, inspiring a lot of ideas for stories and paintings, as well as making tolerable by his presence in my life, a job I loathed. He was my muse, I guess.

Now there is another muse, probably (conveniently)out of reach. Not unattainable, just difficult.

Thank you, Scout for your compliment. The 'muse' make me think of a cat as he searches for a few moments of quiet in a day filled with people.