Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pink Trees

I wanted to get to the Coke Field early this morning, 
to see the woods turn pink just as the sun came up
As I left my place, I saw clouds coming in from the west
 and knew it wouldn't be long before they would block the sunlight.
I did make it to the park, where the sun's rays briefly 
turned the now bare trees shades of pink and lavender,
with a tinge of green in their shadows.

At the Coke Field, the sun peeked through 
a slit in the clouds, just long enough to show 
the mulberry tree's matted lace profile.


dive said...

Glorious sunrise pinks, Speedway. Monet painted a lot of similar scenes and it looks unreal until you see it in the flesh (or the bark in this case).

The mulberry looks like it's already stowed all its stuff away and hunkered down for the long wait until Spring. Matted lace is a lovely description of twigs (as anyone trying to draw the buggers will know to their cost).

Speedway said...

Yeah, Dive, I love those paintings. I'm saving money, planning to buy some canvas for a bunch of tree and river paintings this spring. There'a an artist named Wolf Kahn whose paintings, though kind of MOTR, appeal to me. I think mine will be less minimalist, though.

The black branches and twigs against the sky really do look like lace to me - sometimes witchy, sometimes voluptuous. The big guys with all the angles are definitely masculine, though. No lace.

dive said...

Witchy and voluptuous? Where can I find her?
Actually, just witchy will do; I'm not a huge fan of voluptuous.

I can definitely see the appeal in the Wolf Kahn paintings.