Friday, December 2, 2011

Frosty Roses

After a week that had started off  bleak and unpromising, 
we have been treated to blue skies and more seasonable 
temperatures. Alongside the driveway into work 
I saw rosebushes, their late-season blooms outlined in frost.
It seemed like an unusual and beautiful study in contrasts.

If it's truly the small things we have that matter, 
sometimes it may also be all we have.
Today, it was the frosty roses that made me smile.


dive said...

We're sharing weather again; I'm about to go out and chip ice off the car before driving to work. It'll soon be cold enough to have to keep it in the garage at night.
Those roses look beautiful … strangely they also look edible, like some pretentious dessert at a posh restaurant.
Stay warm!

Scout said...

They look furry, those poor roses caught in winter. My ornamental grass has grown a beard, too.

Speedway said...

Hi, Dive! How's your cake doing? Oh, and I want to say "Yay you! You're a treasure!" for Meme #43 - 5/21/11. And how do you make a nice, crisp pizza crust? I like mine w/sauce and cheese, maybe a bit of red pepper flakes for spice, but I'm an ignorant colonial, so what do I know from crust, right?

Hi, Scout! My camera made the roses look brighter than they appeared to me. In the shade of the building they looked silvery and reminded me of a painting by a 20th century artist whose name I can't recall. His images were distorted in an unkind way; perhaps it was "real" but it was discouraging. I saw them as faded beauties shrouded in crystals. I'll see how they look next week.

dive said...

Hi, Speedway! The cake is doing very nicely, thank you. It's getting fed Guinness Extra and 12 year old Armagnac so it's doing better than I am.
Hee hee for the pizza (sorry … "pizza"). Sheesh, wee used to love doing memes in Blogville. There are dozens of them in my archives, each more offensive than the last. Facebook put an end to that, though; there's very little socialising left here which is a great shame. It used to be a lovely little village of happy, sarcastic, literate, funny and sweary people.
As for pizza crust, my oven is so old and crappy that anything that goes in there comes out cooked on "random" setting so who knows?