Saturday, December 31, 2011

Flourishing Ruffles

The snow from Tuesday's flurries melted quickly with the warmer temperatures. However, the sun remains cloaked in winter clouds
and the days have been dreary. Today, my walk around Speedway resulted in few pictures; the creek running through the Coke Field is as dark as 
cold lead, reflecting very little of the gray sky above.
Even wildlife was scarce. Birds had eaten most of the red berries
and their nests are abandoned. Milkweed was sodden.
The only flash of color came from a startled blue jay
as it burst from the brush edging the creek.

There was, however, this fungi spreading and flourishing 
out of a tree trunk in a nearby front yard. It's beauty
was surprising, reminding me of lace on a flamenco dancer's dress
as it fanned out along the base of the tree. 


dive said...

Wow! That's one doozy of a fungus. It makes me hungry.
I love "dark as cold lead." Very Chandleresque.

Speedway said...

Oddly, Dive, I also had the urge to eat the fungus(though I think they were two different kinds - coloration was slightly different). I wonder what the homeowner would do if someone asked to harvest that crop?

Take a look at the creek a couple posts back, Flurries, I think. Does it not look like cold lead? Unwelcoming and black mood for the water now.

Happy New Year, Dive.

dive said...

I'd be damned angry if I were the owner. The black ear fungus on the big ol' maple stump in my front garden is MINE to eat and nobody else's (but then I'm a fungus hog).
The water does indeed look like cold lead but it would take a poet as good as yourself to figure that one out.
Happy New Year!

Kalyan P said...

Just beautiful...

Warm wishes for a happy & fun-filled New Year...
Seasons Greetings!