Monday, December 26, 2011

Winter Colors

After a long shopping odyssey Saturday, I didn't make it home in time 
to stop at the grocery. Christmas morning about 7:30, I walked
a couple blocks to the convenience store for a gallon of milk.
Other mornings, this place is filled with cars and people 
being fueled with gas and coffee so they can get through the day.
This morning, it seemed as though the attendant and I were the only
people in the world. It was calm, peaceful, the way
all mornings should be, not just Christmas. 

Around here, the picture above just might possibly reflect 
the true colors of winter - the purple and blue of 
windshield cleaner/antifreeze.


dive said...

Great shot of the deserted gas station, Speedway; that's a real Stephen Shore special.
Looks like it's fixing to get seriously cold there. Stay warm!

Speedway said...

Happy Boxing Day, Dive! It's OK here, only about 43 degrees. I don't expect our winter to set in until January, which is usually the time we get our more serious snow storms and/or freezing weather. Not as bad as many other areas, of course, but enough to make my bones ache.

Hope you're warm and snug there. Stay well.

dive said...

Nicely warm and snug, thank you, Speedway. Happy Boxing Day to you, too!