Friday, July 27, 2012

All the Pretty Colors

People started to come early afternoon to settle in a shaded 
spot on Main Street to see the annual parade of
NASCAR haulers. Displays were set up to show various
organizations' offerings; there was a stage with a country band
as well as a company offering cremation services for pets.

And then one could hear the sirens as the police and fire department
 escorts led the contingent of 50-odd semis up Main Street where the trucks
parked two abreast and nose to tail so admirers of all shapes and ages
 could walk among them to visit and take pictures for their 
scrap books and their friends.

There were so many nice pictures to take and I probably missed 
two-thirds of them. I get so enthralled by the beautiful
graphics, bright colors and polished chrome, I forget other
things. A local car club brought their street rods, made up primarily
of late 1940's Fords, it seems, so I was reminded of a 50's
era used car lot. The Dallara factory has just opened
across the street, with an interactive display showing the 
construction processes of their racing cars, and another company
was offering rides around Speedway in either an 
Indy two-seater or NASCAR automobile. 
Of course, more pictures to come. 


dive said...

Whooee! That first shot is magnificent, Speedway. What a fabulous event. I wish I'd been there. Looking forward to seeing more pics.
I do like the combination of a country band and pet cremation services. We have a saying over here for things like that: "Only in America." We shake our heads and grin ruefully that the world has come to such a state as to allow the weirdness that goes on in the US, but secretly we're jealous (don't tell anyone).

lin said...

Yes, magnificent.